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Having our own sourcing office and manufacturing facility in Europe allow us to provide our clients with a one-stop solution from the collection concept stage to the finished product delivery. We customize our services to cater each clients' individual needs.

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1. Sourcing

We partner with your design team to create collections starting from the concept stage. We source fabrics and conduct color, trim and fit research based on your needs and the latest industry’s trends.

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2. Pattern-making and sampling

Once details are finalized, samples are developed by our pattern-makers and sewers in our atelier. Our factory is equipped with CAD systems (computer-aided design) to create, grade, plot and digitize patterns

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3. Buying

We place material orders and coordinate the booking of factory space based on your required deliveries.


4. Custom services

We also offer an array of custom services depending on our client' needs such as embroidery, wash and dye, prints, as well as knitwear stitch development.

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5. Cut and sew

Once your sample and technical pack are approved as well as your production slot confirmed, we launch your production. We cut fabrics following the pattern previously developed and send the garment pieces to be assembly and sewed.

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6. Quality control

Throughout production, we carry out in-line inspections on a daily basis in each factory, in order to ensure the quality of the product conforms to established standards. We arrange testing of all raw materials and finished garments upon customer request.


7. Press and pack

We carefully press and pack your collection and organize its shipping to your warehouse and stores. 

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8. Logistics

We have developed a central software system which tracks the entire process for both product development and production phases. We can provide you with a full logistical support, including packing, transportation and warehousing.



Expertise & reliability

We are the people behind the brands. For the past forty-five years, our team has been designing and developing collections for various emerging and well-established fashion houses.


A dedicated project manager will assist you throughout the full-cycle process of your collection development and garment manufacturing no matter the size of your brand and complexity of your project.


Transparency & integrity

Having our own sourcing office in Florence and manufacturing facility in Bulgaria allow us to provide you with a 100% transparency on every stage of the supply chain, from the design to the delivery – and everything in between.


We only work with external partners and and subcontractors that we have previously visited and onboarded.

80% of them have been working with us for over 20 years.


Quality & efficiency

We believe that our long-term business relationships are due to our pursuit of excellence in quality control and the constant renewal of our production line.


We are passionate about what we do and committed to bring your designs to life in the most seamless, efficient and timely way.

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